September 2, 2016


Control Access and Record member visits.

fit_signin_kiosk fit_signin_front_desk

  • Choose Control Desk Sign In or Member Kiosk(Monitor faces member) Sign In.
  • Display your own club banner at the top of these Sign In screens.
  • Dual Monitors are fully supported for Sign In when used with a Serial Scanner, Serial Keypad, Finger Print and Proximity Reader.
  • Sign In Messages may be modified and/or changed to any language.
  • Supports Biometric Finger Print scanning for recording visits and access control. (An optional ADD-ON module)
  • Optionally record visits using a Telephone Number and Numeric Keypad.
  • User defined Time of Day and Day of Week Access Control.
  • Use a Bar Code Scanner and your own Bar Coded Key Tags or print Membership Cards with Bar Codes from the Fitness Software.
  • On Screen Numeric Keypad for use with Touch Screen monitors.
  • Display members’ name and picture for better security.
  • Show alert messages for Payments Due, Measurements Due, Contract Expiry, Birthday Messages, Global Messages and Private Messages.
  • Automatically display Birthday messages for your members.
  • Alert messages may be assigned a unique sound to draw member and staff attention.
  • Custom Sounds and text to voice supported for sign in alerts.
  • Complete Visit History retained for each member.
  • Control 24 hour access through a Security Door (standard serial port connection).
  • Control visit passes. (Facility and class specific)
  • Record visit notes for each visit.
  • In-house Activity and alert display with current visit average and thumbnail picture.
  • Launch Sign-In Screen only on second work station.
  • Optionally display Contract Expiry on Sign-In screen and pre-alert 30 days prior to expiry.
  • Record Staff shifts on same Sign In screen.
  • Complete Visit History reporting.
  • Optionally Capture Sign Out time for members.

Custom program changes accommodated through a “Fee for Service”.

Many suggested enhancements are added to our development list and included free of charge in a later release.

Support is provided immediately during regular business hours. After hours calls are forwarded to Cell Phone support personal or are collected by a message center.

Email support is monitored and responded to after hours and on weekends.