September 2, 2016



  • Allow Staff/Employees to sign in and out using their Staff Code, Telephone Number or Bar Code.
  • Use a Bar Code Scanner and your own Bar Coded Key Tags or print Staff Cards with Bar Codes from the Fitness Software.
  • Optionally assign a PIN # password to each staff member that must be entered when they sign in.
  • All shifts are recorded.
  • Show messages for Global and Private Messages from their supervisor.
  • Staff may also send messages to their supervisor.
  • Complete Payroll Shift History retained for each staff member.
  • A Payroll Time Card maintenance program allows correction and additions to any time card record by an uuthorized supervisor.
  • A Payroll Report provides detail and/or summary information for posting to an external payroll system.
  • Outstanding Staff lookup shows if any staff have forgotten to Sign In or Out.

Custom program changes accommodated through a “Fee for Service”.

Many suggested enhancements are added to our development list and included free of charge in a later release.

Support is provided immediately during regular business hours. After hours calls are forwarded to Cell Phone support personal or are collected by a message center.

Email support is monitored and responded to after hours and on weekends.