September 7, 2016

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If you have a Screen Saver running you may need to turn this off while the file is downloading.

You may get this message when downloading to Windows 7/8/10: “Windows smart screen prevented an app from starting and may put your computer at risk…”

If this happens Press The “More Info” then the “Run Anyway” button.

Warning: Existing clients use OLD Demo if your Serial Number is less than 0148925.

Click this link to Download The NEW 30 Day Demo: 30 Day NEW Demo File

Click this link to Download The OLD 30 Day Demo: 30 Day OLD Demo File

This Demo version will expire in 30 days.

Please review the Installation Instructions while the demo is downloading.

When the download is complete find the Installation file: “setupcan.exe” or “setupce17” and double click to start the installation.

By downloading this Demo you agrree that we may follow up by contacting you by Email or Phone.

Installation Instructions
If you have a Screen Saver running you may need to turn this off while the file is downloading.

Your Ease-E-Club Software Demo may be installed by clicking on the “30 Day Demo File” link on this page. You will need 70 MB of free space for the installation file and the installed system. After the system is installed, the “setupcan.exe” file can be deleted.

Minimum hardware requirements: 64MB RAM Memory, 70MB disk space, Win2000, WinNT or WinXP(Home), WinXp(Pro), Vista(Pro), Windows 7 or Windows 8 with 2GB of RAM, 17inch Monitor, Sound Card & Speakers, Available USB port for USB scanner or USB numeric keypad, Network Card if more than one computer will be used and a printer.

If you have Dual Monitors, a Serial Scanner or Serial Numeric Keypad is recommended.

Full Hardware Purchase Guide: Hardware Requirements


Not Recommended:

We DO NOT recommend any wireless network be used. Wireless Internet access is OK, but does not work well for Business Applications on a Local Area Network.

Our system should NOT be run on Microsoft Windows 95, 98 or Windows ME. These are unstable systems.

Apple/MAC Computers: We have clients running our application on MAC computers through a windows emulator but we do not support this.

Tablet/iPad Computers: Most tablet and iPad computers will not run our applications. It requires a full windows operating system.


Installation Steps:

Step 1 Download the Demo file (setupcan.exe) from the Computerease web site by clicking the “30 Day Demo” link and save it into any Folder/Directory or Desktop on your system. Exit ALL other Windows programs, then, using Windows Explorer or My Computer, find the downloaded file (setupcan.exe), where you saved it, and Double Click the file to start the installation.
Step 2 If you are installing on Windows 7 or 8 the following message may appear: “Windows protected your PC. Windows SmartScreen prevented and unrecognized app from starting. Running this app might put your PC at risk.” Press the “More Info” link and select “Run Anyway”.
Step 3 A series of setup screens will appear, guiding you through the installation process.
Step 4 All Fitness Club Software will be installed on your (C:) Drive under a folder called “C:Health”.
Step 5 Upon completion of the install process, a message will appear stating that the Demonstration Activation is complete.
Step 6 A “Fitness” icon shortcut will appear on your Desktop. This may be used to launch the Ease-E-Club Software.
Step 7 You’re now ready to try the Ease-E-Club Software. Just double click the Fitness icon.

This demo is fully functional and new records can be added as needed to fully test the system and see how it will work for you.

This demo version may be activated permenantly without loss of data, after your purchase, through a Serial Number & Activation Key.

Dual Monitor Systems:

If you are using a bar code scanner with a dual monitor system we recommend a Serial Scanner or Serial Keypad. The scanner we sell plugs into a USB port but can be configured to run in Serial Mode.

A Serial Numeric keypad or Proximity Card Reader can also be used for Sign In.

Most clients order Bar Coded keytags from us and use a Scanner to record visits. (Keytags are 1.00 each or less.)

Two User or Net Versions:

Many sites like to dedicate one computer to the “Sign-In” process and have another computer to store all the files and perform other Fitness tasks or any other computer process. We recommend 2 computers linked in a Local Area Network if you want a separate Sign In screen.

NOTE: You MUST have, at least, a 2 user license to operate in a network environment. Some technical assistance from your hardware supplier may be required for this procedure.

The Network Help document within the application help files provides detail information on how to link 2 or more computers.

DEMO Versions:
If you have installed a DEMO version of the Ease-E-Club Software, you have 30 days or 100 accesses to the system before it will be disabled.

To get an additional 30 day evaluation, Un-Install the old version through My Computer, Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs, find “FITNESS CLUB SOFTWARE” and click the Add/Remove button. Using Windows Explorer or My Computer, delete the “C:Health” directory. Now, Re-Install a new version using this complete procedure.

If you encounter any other problems call Computerease at 1-800-201-2996 or email: “support @”

All software is sold with an annual renewal license fee.

To order a Full version, call toll free, from anywhere in North America, 1-800-201-2996.

You can also order on-line from the Prices link; click on the “Click here to Order On Line” link.

International Orders call 1-902-465-1122.

Payments may be made by Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Check or Money Order.
(Check payments take 5 business days to clear)